Now there is a simple proven hands-free way to prevent and HEAL:


✔ Chafing and Bruising

✔ Dermatitis (Maskne)

✔ Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes

✔ Skin Discoloration

✔ Rashes and Itching

✔ Rosacea and Inflammation


Mask Relief Professional Use provides safe means of application through its medical-grade stainless steel ball applicator. Hang it around your neck or from a belt loop for safe, easy use!

Medical and emergency professionals now have a way to prevent conditions resulting from excessive PPE use and prevent the irritation that can exacerbate existing conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema and prevent cumulative damage.


The active ingredient in Mask Relief is 1% Tetracaine which is an FDA-Approved topical anesthetic that eliminates itching and irritation that causes discomfort during long periods of PPE use and prevents the urge to touch your face. The cream that carries the anesthetic is a transdermal carrier that softens chafed skin, prevents scarring, and heals deep bruises caused by constant pressure of the mask against your face.

A severe case often gives a good indication of how effective a product really is. The founder of Starell Pharmaceuticals knows exactly what we are talking about. He was facing a long recovery and multiple skin grafts and almost certain scarring, but after using Mask Relief he has fully recovered from a severe burn.




Starell Pharmaceuticals is conducting a feedback survey to collect visual evidence of its effectiveness in real-world situations. Scan the QR code above or click here to participate and receive free product to treat your PPE-related skin condition.